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Mechanic, Maintenance & Repairmen Work Comp Lawyers - St. Louis MO

We are Lawyers Specializing in Mechanics, Maintenance and Repairmen Work Comp Cases in Missouri.


Mechanic, Maintenance and Repairmen Work Comp Lawyers

Automobile mechanics, maintenance and grounds workers and repair workers face a number of dangers associated with their workplaces that may result in injury during the course of the work day.  These employees are often on ladders, stairs and platforms subjecting them to the potential for slips and falls and injuries resulting from the use of this equipment.  Garage and company equipment also pose numerous dangers and may cause injury because of defects.  Floors can be wet and slippery from water or grease spills on the floor.  

Mechanics, Maintenance and Repair Workers also use jacks and lifts, carry heavy parts and equipment and are often found in awkward position and using awkward posture to complete the job.  The job involves a lot of bending, lifting and stooping and employees are commonly exposed to dangerous chemicals.  This equipment and job tasks can cause injuries from bending and twisting of the neck, back and shoulders and possible cuts, burns and electrocution.  

These jobs are labor-intensive and unfortunately employees suffer back injuries potentially resulting from bulging, ruptured or herniated spinal discs.  Employees are also exposed to potential repetitive motion injuries to hands, arm, shoulders and the back from continuously repeating job duties and from use of high compression tools causing vibratory injuries.    

We have provided legal counsel and effective representation to Mechanics, Maintenance and Repair Workers experiencing problems obtaining needed medical treatment, loss of income and need for disability payments resulting from their work injury.  Our Firm will provide you a complete understanding of your legal rights and pursue all necessary legal actions for you to obtain full and complete compensation for your injuries.      

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