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Missouri Lawyers for Permanent Scars and Disfigurement

We are St. Louis lawyers who handle work injuries under the Missouri Workers Compensation Law resulting in permanent scars or scarring and disfigurement.

Workmans Comp Scars on the Head, Neck, Face, Arms and Hands

Facial Scar | Missouri Workers Compensation AttorneysThe Missouri Workers' Compensation system specifically allows a worker who has suffered a permanent scar resulting from a burn, amputation, and surgery or otherwise to get compensation for scars and disfigurement to the head, neck, face, arms and hands.  There are specific formulas, calculations and evaluations done to determine the value of a scar resulting from a work injury.  These are for permanent scars and disfigurement, which means if you are scarred for life on the head or face or neck or hands or arms, then you get money for the scarring.  We can help you with your legal case for these scars and permanent disfigurement.


Workmans Comp Disability Associated with Scars

Severe Scarring | MO Work Comp LawyersIn addition to evaluation of the actual facial scarring or disfigurement, head scarring, and disfigurement of the hands, arms and neck, there is usually some type of permanent disability from the injury that resulted in the injured worker being scarred for life.  This can sometimes be because of an traumatic amputation of a body part, or even resulting from a surgical amputation or intervention for the repair of the injured body part.  In such circumstances our Firm will try to get an injured worker multiple compensations for disability for the original workplace injury and also for the resulting permanent scar or disfigurement.  Scarring may also result from a surgical procedure to the arms, hands, face, head and neck, or from horrible traumatic amputations.  There may also be a need under such circumstances for future or additional medical treatment.


Scar and Disfigurement Lawyers | Missouri Workers Compensation

Full Compensation for Workmans Comp Disability Related to Scars and Permanent Disfigurement


We will look at the injured body part and medical evidence to determine how to obtain full and complete recovery in your particular case.


No Recovery, No Fee!

The Hein Law Firm takes injury cases involving Missouri Workers' Compensation and permanent scars and disfigurement on a contingency basis. This means you will only pay attorney's fees if we obtain compensation for you. Call 314.645.7900 for a free consultation with a lawyer, or contact us through this website.

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