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Permanent Disability Under Work Comp

Payment for Permanent Disability Under MO Work Comp

The third benefit an injured worker has a right to receive under Missouri Work Comp is payment in the form of a lump sum at the end of a case for Permanent Disability or for the Permanency of the Injury.  The law calls this Permanent Partial Disability and Permanent Total Disability Benefits.

There are a number of benefits to which you are entitled as an injured worker under to Missouri Workers’ Compensation law.  The benefit that your lawyer is most usually employed to obtain is called permanent partial disability payments (PPD).  PPD benefits are obtained after the doctor provided by the employer completes treatment of the injured worker.

Following most work-related injuries, the injured worker is rated as having a particular level of permanent disability from a particular injury.  Many injured workers are not aware after completing medical treatment that they are entitled to an additional payment for an amount of disability related to an injury.  A cut or minor back injury will still likely produce some amount of disability payment that the employee is entitled to receive.  The amount of PPD payment that you as an injured worker are entitled to receive is best valued and determined by knowledgeable legal counsel who has practiced in Workers’ Compensation law for many years and has knowledge as to the value of such claims.  Often, our Firm sends clients to doctors we know and trust for independent medical evaluations (IME) to determine the level of disability that is fair and appropriate for a work related injury.  Our firm has been recognized for its ability to maximize the amount of payment that an employee receives for a work injury.

Permanent Total Disability benefits are available to employee who because of a work injury are determined to be unable to work any longer on the open labor market.  Weekly benefits are available for the remainder of the life of an employee who is no longer able to work because of such an injury.  Permanent Total Disability benefits may be obtain from you last employer or from the Second Injury Fund if it is determined that your last work injury combined with previous injuries resulted in the condition of permanent disability.  

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