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Reduction of Points

How To Get Rid of Points On Your License in Missouri

When you reinstate your driving privilege in the State of Missouri after a suspension or revocation of your driving privelege, the Department of Revenue reduces the total number of points on your record to 4.  If you drive without getting more points on your records, then the Department of Revenue reduces the number of points on your record each year, as follows:

1st year  - The total number of points remaining on your record is reduced by one-third.

2nd year - The remaining points are reduced by one-half.

3rd year  - The remaining points are reduced to zero.

How to Get Points Taken Off Your License in Missouri

You should always try to protect your driving privilege and your license with the assistance of an attorney who specializes in traffic laws.  The best way to get points taken off your license in Missouri is not to have them put on in the first place.

If you send in the ticket and pay the fine, or if you go to Court by yourself and plead guilty in front of the Judge, you are, in effect, putting the points on your license because when you pay or plead guilty, a conviction on your record automatically results.  With the assistance of a Missouri traffic ticket lawyer, you will typically not only be freed of the burden of having to go to Court, but also, the inconvenience and repurcussions of having the points placed on your license, such as the possibility of a suspension because you have too many points, and higher insurance premiums because of a messed up driving record.


We are St. Louis traffic ticket lawyers who can help you with your Missouri traffic tickets to keep the points off your license.

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