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Workers Comp Lawyers for Work Truck & Car Accidents - St. Louis MO

We are Missouri lawyers specializing in workmans compensation injuries when a worker is hurt in a work truck or work vehicle accident, or while working while driving a company car.


Work Truck and Company Car Workmans Comp Lawyers

Under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation law, if you are injured in the "course and scope" of your job, you are entitled to disability benefits and medical treatment.  Under the Missouri workmans comp law, it does not matter whose fault the accident was.  Even if you were injured when you were at fault for the accident, you are still entitled to compensation under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation law.  In a car or truck or motor vehicle accident involving a company vehicle or work truck, an employee is entitled to compensation for medical benefits and disability payments.  While there may be a reduction of the compensation for an employee’s failure to obey a reasonable rule of an employer of up to fifty (50) percent, the employee is still entitled to receive benefits.  Of course, you have an even better case if you were not at fault, but in any event, an experienced Missouri workmans comp lawyer can help you in the work injury case, as well as the car or truck accident case.


Company Car or Work Truck Traffic Accident?: 2 Cases in 1

In motor vehicle accident cases involving company cars and work trucks, our Firm has significant experience pursuing the rights of the injured employee to get Workers' Compensation benefits and successfully pursing personal injury lawsuits against the other person who caused the accident.  These types of claims require expert legal counsel to understand the various legal rights involved in such a claim and the potential subrogation interests (i.e., rights to reimbursement) of the Workers’ Compensation insurance company under such circumstances.  When such a case occurs, you will need the benefit of experienced workmans comp and injury lawyers to help you because 2 cases come out of the 1 accident: The Work Comp Case and the Negligence Case (also known as the "Third Party Case").

We work to ensure our clients get the most they can under the facts and the law between their recovery of Workers’ Compensation benefits and getting money in the personal injury case.  Our office’s knowledge and expertise in accident investigation, medical documentation review and trial experience provides you with a significant advantage in prosecuting your case and getting the most money you can in settlement or at trial in your motor vehicle accident case.

No Recovery, No Fee!

The Hein Law Firm takes work truck and vehicle accident workmans compensation injury cases on a contingency basis. This means you will only pay attorney's fees if we obtain compensation for you. For a free consultation with a Missouri Work Truck and Work Vehicle Accident Workmans Comp Lawyer, call us at (314) 645-7900 or contact us online.

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