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Workmans Comp Construction Site Accident Lawyers - St. Louis, MO

We are Missouri lawyers specializing in workmans compensation injuries from construction site accidents.

Construction Site Workmans Comp Lawyers

Despite the best efforts of employees to keep their workers safe at construction sites, accidents do continue to happen.  Our office works to protect the legal rights of workers hurt in such accidents.  The Missouri Workers Compensation Law requires employers, contractors and subcontractors at construction sites to have and maintain Workers’ Compensation insurance, but often times a particular construction site is covered by an “umbrella” insurance policy covering all accidents that occur at a particular work location. 

If you get hurt because of another company on site

Depending on the facts of each particular case, sometimes workers injured at a construction site can have a case for workmans compensation, and also a separate personal injury claim against the party responsible for causing the accident or injury.  At a construction site, if an employee of another contractor or company caused the injury to a worker, there may be a separate claim against that employee’s company for negligence.  In getting our clients a full and complete recovery, our workmans compensation lawyers evaluate all potential avenues for financial compensation, including possible claims against the architect, construction engineers, concrete pourers, sheet decking manufacturers, and contractors involved in the construction operation or equipment manufacturer for defective or malfunctioning equipment.  The interplay between the Missouri Workers’ Compensation law and the separate personal injury litigation requires an experienced workers compenation attorney to ensure full and complete compensation.

Construction accidents in Missouri can be some of the most serious, can cause some of the most horrible injuries, and can result in severe head, brain, neck, back or spinal cord damage.  The danger of electrical burn and electrocution also exists on many construction site.  Because of their complexity and the need for specialized assistance, our Firm will often have to hire and work with experts to determine the cause of construction accidents to hold the guilty parties responsible for the injuries the workers suffer.  Showing a violation of Missouri safety rules and the rules and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is also a matter which, at times, we have to evaluate in considering a separate civil case for negligence arising out of a workmans compensation case. 

Types of Construction Site Accidents

Our workmans compensation lawyers handle construction site accidents including those involving injuries caused by scaffolding falls, crane failures, bad welding, construction trucks and vehicles, falling machinery and debris, fires, construction machinery, swinging equipment and defective tools and machinery.

An injured construction worker may be unable to continue to work following a construction site accident and our Firm works to ensure a complete recovery of all possible benefits under such circumstances.  These benefits may include long-term care, compensation for past, present and future lost wages and emotional distress damages.  Our office will fully and completely investigate your case and vigorously pursue all avenues of financial recovery and hold the guilty parties liable for their negligence.  

No Recovery, No Fee!

The Hein Law Firm takes construction site workmans compensation injury cases on a contingency basis. This means you will only pay attorney's fees if we obtain compensation for you. For a free consultation with a Missouri Construction Site Workmans Comp Lawyer, call us at (314) 645-7900 or contact us online.

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